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For each character, there are ten possible traits to be chosen from. In the given space next to each statement, mark an 'X' next to the trait you feel you possess. At the end of each character trait set, place how many traits out of ten you have in common with that character. At the end of the quiz, look back at all your results and see which Death Note character you probably have the most in common with.

Which Death Note Character Are You?


Light Yagami

[] school is/was boring to you, even though you ace(d) every class
[] you'll do almost anything to reach your goal
[] you can be the tiniest bit egotistical every now and then
[] if the world is a safe place for good people to live, the end result justifies the means that were used
[] you're very competitive
[] you've been told you are/can be childish
[x] you don't take defeat or humiliation very well
[] you have a tendency to contradict your own beliefs, sometimes without noticing
[] you have a very unsettling laugh
[x] you can be very paranoid at times


Misa Amane

[] you like gothic and punk dress...(that doesn't necessarily mean you wear it, just that you like how it looks)
[] ...and your personality totally contradicts that.
[] you're a people person
[] ok, you might refer to yourself in the third person every now and then
[] people have said that you're air-headed
[] you can be childish and argumentative
[] you'll do almost anything to get your love interest's attention
[x] you'll do anything for the person you care for most
[] you're very optimistic
[] people sometimes use you because you have some sort of special connection


Kiyomi Takada

[] you're very mature and efficient
[] your emotions for your love interest can cloud your mind and common sense
[] you rarely lose your cool, even when you're scarred or mad
[] you don't get excited easily, so it's obvious when you're passionate about something
[] you can be pretty careless
[] you tend to look down on people you consider 'inferior'
[] you usually don't get along with people of your own gender too well
[] people say you're 'refined' or 'graceful'
[] you dress very nicely; no jeans for you
[] you prefer to keep your hair short


Teru Mikami

[] you have a very strong sense of justice
[] your views about morals are very simple: there's no 'in between'
[] you prefer to have a routine schedule
[] anyone that gets in your way automatically becomes 'enemy numero uno'
[] you're usually very level-headed, but you can be extremely emotional
[x] even though you try your best, you do occasionally mess things up
[x] you wear glasses
[x] you were bullied a lot in school
[] you're very quiet
[x] you've been called 'anti-social'



L Lawliet

[x] you're very honest and blunt
[x] you love anything sweet
[x] you don't get much sleep
[x] you tend to surprise people because your wits contradict your looks
[x] you don't care for clothes
[] you don't like wearing shoes
[x] you don't look it, but you can be very competitive
[x] you notice details and information that others overlook
[x] a lot of your quirks and habits come off as strange to others
[] you can be quite the risk taker


Mihael Keehl (Mello)

[x] Chocolate is the path to Nirvana (Dammit now I need some chocoate!)
[x] you're very emotional
[x] you HATE being second to someone
[x] you can be impulsive
[x] you often drag your friends into trouble along with you
[x] you're good at taking bad situations and turning them into advantages
[x] you'll do nearly anything to prove your point…
[]...or to show up a rival
[] people often say you have weird facial expressions
[] one of your favorite colors is black


Nate River (Near)

[] you see life as something of a game
[] it's easy for you to be good at something, even if you don't try
[] it's rare for you to show emotions
[x] you're very calm and think everything through (Not calm but I think a lot about my actions)
[] you tend to imitate your role model
[x] you can be very apathetic towards others
[] you're very confident
[] your rivalry with another person is often one-sided on their part
[x] you can be a loner, but you don't mind company
[] you muse over things a lot, often out loud


Mail Jeevas (Matt)

[x] you love videogames
[] you're a very loyal friend
[] you don't speak often, but when you do, you tend to ramble
[] you smoke
[] you're very good with technology; you can do things with computers, cameras, microphones, etc., that other people have trouble with
[] you have a laid back personality
[] your friends tend to drag you into trouble, even though they don't mean to
[] stripes, much?
[] you can be pretty lazy



Soichiro Yagami

[] You put your family above all else
[] Honor and justice are very important to you
[x] You'll happily put yourself through a living hell for someone you love
[] When someone close to you is suspected of something, you're immediately unwilling to believe it
[] You couldn't bring yourself to kill someone even if they were threatening your life
[] No matter how horrible a person is, you always manage to find a shred of good in them, no matter how minute
[x] It's easy for you to get stressed out
[] You tend to be the leader of groups
[] Others look up to you


Touta Matsuda

[] You've been called an idiot recently
[x] You like being useful
[] You really don't care whether you disappoint your parents or not
[x] You're awkward with the opposite gender (or your own, if that's the way you swing)
[] You're very cheerful
[x] You hate being underestimated
[] You can be incredibly emotional
[] You tend to get yourself caught in situations where your friends end up having to drag you out
[] You look up to your boss/leader
[] other people tend to look down on you


Shuichi Aizawa

[x] you are annoyed easily; especially by cheery people
[x] you're very blunt, and you hate people that mince words
[x] you're pretty smart, but you don't apply yourself enough
[] the idea of 'being the hero' doesn't make you enthusiastic
[] you're very quick-witted
[x] you tend to pick up on details others fail to notice
[] your personality is very consistent
[] other people find you easy to trust
[] you're very passionate
[] and serious


Kanzo Mogi

[] you're very tall
[] you don't talk much
[] you're very straight forward
[] you've got pretty good acting skills
[x] you don't enjoy being in the spotlight
[] you're very psychologically resilient; it would take the apocalypse to get you to lose your cool
[x] you don't mind being a 'nobody' as long as you did some good for the world or someone in it
[] you're very efficient
[x] you hate it when other people aren't serious about something and mess around
[x] other people sometimes find you intimidating


Hideki Ide

[x] you're very sarcastic and cynical
[x] you don't smile much
[] you have really bad luck with love
[x] cheerful people annoy you greatly
[x] people have to earn your trust
[] you don't really like L (MADNESS. How can someone NOT love L!?)
[x] logic is key
[x] you're painfully realistic at times
[x] you have a very dry sense of humor
[] If something doesn't work out, you'll happily take matters into your own hands


Hirokazu Ukita

[] you smoke
[] you're very short
[x] impatient, much?
[x] your emotions often get the better of you
[] you take your job/grades very seriously
[] you're very brave
[] forget the plan, jump in head-first!
[] you have very short hair
[] you hate most forms of paper work
[x] you also hate being left out
[] sitting at a desk in an office all day is not the kind of life for you



Halle Bullook (Lidner)

[] you're pretty tall
[] you're very strong
[x] you tend to take a liking to people that most others don't
[x] you hate it when women fight over men
[] you don't mind being the only member of your gender among a group of people
[] in fact, sometimes, you actually prefer it that way
[x] if someone close to you is hurt, you take revenge
[] it doesn't matter whose side you're on as long as justice is served
[x] you trust your friends very deeply
[x] you don't show your emotions very often


Anthony Carter (Rester)

[] you're very official
[] if someone tells you to do something stupid, you just do it instead of arguing
[] you tend to act as a guardian to those you care for
[] you like literature, especially poetry
[] people find you easy to trust
[] you're very athletic
[] you tend to be the voice of reason that no one ever listens to
[] you don't get scarred very easily
[] you're pretty smart
[] you have a hard time understanding people who think irrationally


Stephen Loud (Gevanni)

[x] you're very thorough in your work
[] you get pretty nervous at times
[] you're good at picking locks and forging handwriting
[x] you're very observant
[] you tend to be very reserved
[] you have a hard time standing up for yourself
[] As a result, you're often the first to back out of arguments
[] You usually do what you're told, no matter how dangerous or ridiculous it is
[x] You're very modest
[x] You avoid drawing attention to yourself




[] You love apples.
[x] You get bored easily.
[] Instead of taking an active role in many events, you sit back and enjoy watching
[] You don't really care what happens to other people
[] You very rarely take sides
[] You've been described as 'sketchy'
[] Humans amuse you greatly.
[x] You can be pretty awkward at times.
[x] And you usually don't notice it.
[] You avoid getting attached to anyone or thing.



[] You're very caring
[x] You'd do just about anything for those you love
[x] You try to avoid getting attached to someone, but it usually doesn't work out in the end
[x] If you saved someone you loved, you would give your life for them
[x] You can be pretty cynical
[] Humans disgust you
[x] If something happened to your friend that disabled them from doing something important, you'd probably do it for them
[] You hate Light Yagami
[] You don't really care who 'wins' as long as the people you care for are protected
[] You may occasionally meddle



[] You're very soft-spoken
[] You like chocolate
[x] You often get pushed around
[] You usually wind up getting dragged into situations you originally had nothing to do with
[] You can be very awkward around other people
[] …Alright, maybe you do whine more than the average person
[x] You have a hard time getting your point across
[]…And when you do, it's usually done in a very unusual way
[] You're usually scarred into submission by people that frighten you
[] You don't argue much



Sayu Yagami

[] you love pop idols
[] you have a very fragile mentality
[] you're very polite and respectful
[] you get scarred or shocked easily
[] You don't see what's wrong with asking someone for help every now and then
[] You're very family oriented
[] You're very close to your sibling and/or parents
[] You're very optimistic
[] You're parents are very protective of you
[] You're the youngest in your family


Naomi Misora

[] you like leather jackets
[] you're very calm
[] you're also very resourceful
[x] you have terrible luck (I don't know what its like to have good luck otl.)
[] you're always a step ahead of the game
[x] you don't trust strangers too easily (STRANGER DANGER 101.)
[] you're very quick-witted
[x] you're very determined
[] you have a very good reputation
[x] You hate having to 'sit back and watch the action'


Raye Penber

[] you're generally fairly intelligent
[x] you tend to not think ahead in your plans
[x] you worry about your loved ones a lot (All the damn time. And it annoys them. ;_;)
[] you want to have a family someday (Sometimes I think about it but I'd be the worst mother ever...)
[] ok, maybe you're just a tiny bit sexist (Ugh, I hate sexist people. I'd love to punch a sexist person if I met one irl.)
[] you trust people too easily
[] one or both of your parents are Asian, but you grew up in a different country
[x] you're very protective…
[x] …to the point where it's a bit of an obsession
[x] especially around your significant other


Mary Kenwood (Wedy)

[] You're blond
[] you wear sunglasses a lot
[] you have a very dressed up, almost 1960s Hollywood-esque style of clothing
[x] you like a good challenge
[x] you love motorcycles
[] you know how to use a firearm of some sort
[] you're very stealthy and lithe
[x] you're very tough (It does take a lot to intimidate me so...)
[x] you don't scare easily
[] when it comes to your job, you don't mess around


Thierry Morrello (Aiber)

[] you're really good at learning languages
[] you very good at getting close to people
[] you hate violence
[] or using a weapon of any sort
[] you're good at conning people
[] you're fairly blunt
[] you're usually pretty social
[] people often call you 'weird'
[] You're very romantic
[] You're very loyal
[] If someone does you a favor, you feel obliged to return it

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Art has always been one of my favorite hobbies, and by art, I mean ALL forms of art, not just pictures. I write stories every now and then, though not nearly as often. I enjoy RPing in my spare time, thinking up new OCs, shipping pairings, and fandom hopping. I have a really really bad habit of fandom hopping.

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